2017 as a year has been a real successful inauguration for Sudo’s development. We’ve found our footing and it’s time to ramp up the speed and accelerate to what is best for our members and for UC. That’s not to say we don’t have a lot to improve on, but before I do, there’s a few people to thank.

Vice-President: Alisdair Robertson - Alisdair has been most, if not all of the reason this society has kept it’s forward momentum in 2017. Whether it be academic, knowing a director of ESTEM to allow us to use an amazing space such as the Inspire centre or just giving sense to the President’s outright crazy ideas, I can’t commend Alisdair for staying true to the cause enough, and hope he comes back on in 2018.

Treasurer: Shannic-le Kerr – Coming on to fill the shoes of our old treasurer, Shannic has done a fantastic job at managing our Sudo funding, letting us know what we can and can’t afford, and keeping track of any reimbursements throughout the year. I can’t thank her enough for the work and long hours she’s put in to make sure we can get the most of our budget.

Secretary: Christian Westenfelder – Christian is honestly the glue to Sudo. Without him I’d say we’d have fallen apart by now, either chasing our own tail, translating orders from Oscar’s catering or helping fetch pizzas. I thank Christian for being the reliable rock to always be able to fall back to.

Sudo has skyrocketed to over 120 members, 85 joining in 2017, which is phenomenal and fantastic for any society at UC.

Throughout the year, we’ve held more than 30 events, ranging from social, academic to full on non-stop development, with our flagship project A117, and although proving unsuccessful in it’s delivery and challenging in it’s production, I don’t know a single member attending who didn’t learn a lot that weekend.

Our club accomplishments have really focused on building our members knowledge, and to give a platform to meet like-minded people and connect with others at UC.


2018 will be a great year for Sudo. Based off of the AGM survey results, we should be focusing more on recruitment, larger events, doubling-down on what’s good and subtracting what’s not-so-good. We also wish to take on a partnership with the UC Engineering Society that hopefully will help our members really have no limits as to what they want to achieve.

For the recruitment of members, we’ll be looking at starting our sticker-referral program, as well as really getting to grips with our marketing. We’ll hopefully be sending out emails to lecturers in January asking permission to present in their O-Week lectures and; Our website and social media should be going through a new-restructuring that makes it even easier to reach out to our member-base.

Most importantly, we should be taking on what’s best for our members. So in doing so, we’ll be looking at revamping training to give a more duplex look at our two “Coding” and “Kickstarting” areas, as well as look into a training officer for 2018.

I hope you enjoyed our 2017 as much as we did, and hope that this year was a spark that ignites a flame of Sudo for years to come.

And a final and big thank you to all our members for your help!