and we need your help!

Hope you all had a great time off! I'll start by saying it's not planned to be traded on any exchange, but the proof is pretty cool, and we're calling it Sudo/Coin.

On our todo list is:

  • A method of distobuting the blockchain
  • A way of interfacing with
    • The mining mechanism
    • The ledger itself
  • A way of allowing people to create their own wallets and securing them in Sudo/Platform (or offline)
  • A whole bunch of security

There's no way to trade these for hoodies (yet), but we are looking into the viability of helping this fund Sudo, as an ethical alternative to selling chocolate.

Let me know your thoughts on our Facebook Page and Twitter. Sudo/Platform should be ready to go by February!


(The legality of this falls under tokens similar to microtransactions in games. Sudo under no circumstances will allow open buying and selling of Sudo/Coin)